Environ Facials London

Environ® Facials London


Environ® Skin Care is a premier quality brand offering outstanding results for discerning clients. Formulated by Dr Des Fernandes, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, the range contains a unique combination of active ingredients to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and combat the signs of ageing.

Environ® is a cosmeceutical that bridges the gap between modern medical science and beauty therapy. The formulations and professional treatments are based on nutrients that have been scientifically researched and thoroughly tested. It goes well beyond simple ‘pampering’ to work with the skin’s physiology, making it beautiful and healthy.


Scientifically proven, active ingredients that we use in our Environ facials London:

Vitamin A – normalises the skin by repairing DNA, improving collagen and elastin while helping to increase natural moisture levels

Vitamin C – improves skin elasticity, mops up free radicals and brightens the complexion

Antioxidants – beta-carotene, green tea, rooibos tea and honeybush extract neutralise the effects of free radical damage caused by light, pollutants and stress

Resveratrol – combats the visible signs of ageing

Peptides – stimulate collagen and elastin production

Panthenol – hydrates and heals

Growth factors – thicken the epidermis and enhance the effects of Vitamin A


Environ Facials London:


Active Vitamin Treatment 75min  £90

The freshest most active forms of vitamins A, C and antioxidants are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using soundwaves and small electrical pulses. This scientific approach stimulates collagen to soften lines and improve elasticity, increase hydration and boost radiance.


The Frown Treatment 60min  £80

This highly effective treatment uses Environ’s Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum to target frown lines and achieve dramatic results. the unique combination of active ingredients is driven deep into the skin to soften lines and reduce muscle tension in the forehead, helping to prevent new lines forming.


HydraBoost Treatment 60min £70

The perfect antidote to dry, lacklustre skin, this intensive treatment deeply hydrates while plumping and firming the skin. Based on Hyaluronic Acid, it helps to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration and increase the plumpness of the dermis, resulting in moisturise, glowing skin.


Cool Peel Treatment 60min  £70

Specifically designed to address problematic skin, roughness and pigmentation, this gentle peeling treatment helps to clear the complexion and calm inflammation. Mild forms of Lactic Acid are used to destroy bacteria, boost hydration and remove the build-up of dead skin cells.